Arzni Sanatorium

October 11, 2015

Sanatorium ” Arzni ” is located at an altitude of 1250m above sea level, in the picturesque gorge of the river Hrazdan. The climate in Arzni soft, with moderately cold winters with an average January temperature of -5 ° C, and a pleasant summer with an average temperature in July is 22 ° C, a long and warm autumn. By the number of clear days Arzni exceeds all the resorts of the Caucasus. Atmospheric pressure is stable, without sharp fluctuations, still 657 mm. Hg.

Medicinal properties of Arzni mineral waters have been known since ancient times. The main therapeutic factors of the resort are carbon gidrokarbonatnonatrievye chloride-water as well as mountain-climatic conditions. Arzni mineral water containing a large amount of carbon dioxide (1.25-2.0 g / l) and mineralization (8-10gr / l), are a major factor in effective treatment. Sanatorium ” Arzni ” a whole complex of spa treatment.

The resort consists of two buildings. Building “A” was built in 1969. 2013 was renovated. Building “B” was established in 2008.